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Event Package Printing

With Unit pricing starting at $1.59, event package printing is ideal for sports, proms, dances, schools, etc.

Event printing provides you with top quality photos and gifting items for any high volume market. Ala cart packages are designed by you that sell best in your market. Each image is analyzed & cropped unless ordered through CoPilot.

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    Advantages to using our Event service:

  • Efficient order entry using one of our FREE applications
  • Outstanding quality & order accuracy
  • Camera RAW files are accepted
  • Saves you time...We take care of cropping, resizing, renaming, etc.
  • Packages are sorted by your filenames
  • Contact sheets are provided, aiding studio post processing.
  • No Minimum, great for late orders
  • 3 day in lab turnaround standard
  • Premium Customized Order Envelopes available
  • Orders entered by us are optional
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We provide outstanding service at reasonable rates

Full Units Half Units
2-5x7 1-5x7
4-3.5x5 or 4x5 2-3.5x5 or 4x5
8-Wallets 4-Wallets
1-5x7 + 4-Wallets 8-Mini Wallets
1-5x7 + 2-4x5 2-Wallets + 1-4x5
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