Excellent Color Quality is our standard!

At TopFlight, excellent color quality is our standard. We offer proofing, individual premium portraits, portrait packages and designer pages...And there is no extra charge for color correction with premium proofing.

Sales aids and sales templates are available upon request.


Portrait composites are created by combining two or more images using various blending techniques.

Composite Image Card01

Composite01 is a medley of five different images plus the background. This layout was assembled using image nodes and can be repeated by inserting five new images into the nodes.

Composite Image Card02

Composite02 also uses the same five images as in Composite01. This is a complex layout using layers and blending techniques to create the final portrait composite.

Portrait composites can also be less complex, simply combine two images

  • Image01
  • Blue Plus Sign
  • Image02
  • Blue Equal Sign
  • Composite Image

Premium Portraits and Portrait Packages are ideal for...

Seniors, Children, and Family portraits

We provide the highest level of quality for Individual Portraits, Wedding, Commercial and other fine premium work

  • Fine Black&White prints or Sepia tones are available
  • Each image file is color and density balanced for a premium result
  • Gloss and metallic papers are also available

Pricing for premium individual prints are in 8x10 units and half units, printed on E-Lustre paper.

Advantages to using our Portrait Packages:

  • Image files do not need to be resized
  • Vertical and horizontal poses can be mixed
  • Our sharpening greatly reduces softness & over sharpening effects
  • Wallets are offered plain, studio logo or personalized
  • Wallets are die-cut unless otherwise specified
  • 5x7 and 4x5 units are cut for you
  • Full finishing services available
  • Reorders are available for up to 9 months

Display Units

Available Portrait Package Units: with a four unit minimum

  • 1-8x10 Unit defined as either 1-8x10, 2-5x7, 4-4x5s, 8-Wallets, or 3-4x6
  • 1-5x7 Unit
  • 1-4x5 or 4x6
  • Wallet Specials: 48 or 96 wallets

Wallet customization is offered in three styles:

  • Personalized Text with your choice of color
  • Studio Name in Text (Gold is default)
  • Studio Logo - Call TopFlight for more details.
  • Competition Print
  • Competition Print
  • Competition Print

Competition Prints

For the ultimate look, competition prints are printed on 16x20 Kodak High Gloss Paper and mounted on Gator Foam Board. To get that perfect presentation, we print your competition print darker than normal display prints specifically for viewing under the display lights.

Competition Print

After you complete your image artwork, submit your order, then schedule an appointment for your print review.

We have printed award winning prints that have been shown in both the WPPI show and PPSNY show.

Competition Print Competition Print Close

Designer Pages

Differentiate yourself from the competition with Designer Pages from TopFlight.

They are very easy to use...

Just drag, drop and crop your image
into the template of your choice.

Designer Pages Image

We color correct each image for phenomenal results. Designer pages are currently available in 8x10 pages.

Close Designer Page Example Designer Page Example Designer Page Example Designer Page Example
Card01 Larger Image Return
Card02 Larger Image Return
Composite Larger Image Return
Competition Print - Larger Return
Competition Print - Larger Return
Competition Print - Larger Return
Competition Print - Larger Return
Competition Print - Larger Return
Competition Print - Larger Return